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I have started work on STEEVOTRON. An arcade shooter based on the classic game ROBOTRON.

Beyond a couple of DOOM.WADs and some MOD work on some older games, I do not have a full game completed as a solo developer. Most advice online tells me to start simple and with a concept that I'm familiar playing. I'm also avoiding too much coding to get going quickly, so I've decided to use the Construct 3 game engine. (I am learning GODOT at the same time for later projects.) I'm using Aseprite to construct the Sprites and animations, Clip Studio for UI and title page graphics and FL studio for the music score. I'm still looking for a program to create the in-game FX.

I've already drawn and animated Steev in retro-styled pixel graphics. Now its time to get him moving around the screen.

See you in the next DEV LOG.


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